"Turn High Grass Into Cold CasH"
How To Start a Lawn Care Business

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"Who Else Wants To Triple Their Time Off, Spend Loads More Time With Family,
and Make More Money?"


"Give me just 8 minutes, and I'll show you how to stop working for someone else and begin putting cash in your pockets by owning an unlimited opportunity Lawn Care Business!"

Kevin Whiteside


starting a lawn care business

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I just created the latest version of the all new, revised, expanded, turbo-charged, 100% up to date “How YOU Can Turn High Grass Into Cold Cash”. 
And that means YOU can earn a profit!

Listen Up!

With the advice and tips in this book, you can finally own your own profitable lawn mowing business.  

In a moment, I'll tell you specifically what I can do for you, but here's what I can't do for you: 

I can't promise you can make $50,000 a month or $2000 a day...That’s hype and it's just not true!

I don’t know you, your skills, or background. So how could I, with any integrity, represent or even imply that I can show you how to sell “x” amount of dollars weekly?

But...I will tell you:

Before We Begin...

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I offer you the knowledge and I want you to succeed!

But you're a smart person. You're not likely to believe all of that just because I told you so. For that reason, I have included a few testimonials for you to read.

These testimonials are from real people just like you!  They have found success with my strategies, and were so excited they had to share it with me.  Now I'll share them with you!

Listen to these testimonials...

"Reminded Me Of Things I Forgot"

"Been in the business for 12 years.
This book is extremely professional and helpful. Grass to Cash gave me new angles
and new ideas"

Phillip Morris
Austin, TX

Good.. Very Informative!

Edward Millery

"Many Good Ideas After 5 Years"

"I have received many good ideas from your book and I’ve been in the lawn care business for 5 years. I appreciate the effort you put into it."

Steve S.

"Accomplished More In A Few Weeks Than The Previous Year"

"Procrastinating and putting off starting my own business is what I did for a long time. I have accomplished more in a few weeks since purchasing your book than I have the previous year."

Brian M.

"Extra Time With Wife And Kids"

"This was the best investment I’ve made. I am no longer working for someone else. I really enjoy the extra time I have with my wife and kids."

Roger B.


A ton of people selling information have never had experience in the real world, or even one client in the industry they represent.    

But I've been successful in this business for 18+ years, and I know what it takes to make a profit.  I can show you how to do the same thing! 

Plain and Simple! 

“How YOU Can Turn High Grass Into Cold Cash” is credible information based on my real world experience and other professionals in the lawn care business industry. 

I am the owner and operator of a successful lawn care and maintenance company. Read on and you will see just how easy it is to be your own boss and earn an incredible income.

Some topics included are…

Plus much more!

Plus, I’ll include professional and easy to use forms and letters you can customize to your business …

  1. Bill of Sale - Comes in handy. I can't ever find one when I need it.
  2. Daily Expense Log - Track purchases by date, purpose, purchased from, payment type , and cost.
  3. Daily Income Log - You won't lose track of your money with one of these.
  4. Servicing Equipment - This form will keep track of what needs to be serviced when.
  5. Lawn Care Receipts - Always keep track of everything. This form makes it easier than you expect.
  6.  Lawn Maintenance Agreements - Need a yearly contract with your customer? This agreement will do the job.
  7. Employment Applications - Employment applications you can customize.
  8. Customer Referral Letters - Encourage your customers to refer your professional services to others.
  9. Prospect Letters - Pick up new Residential and Commercial customers using these proven mailings.
  10.  Past Due Letters - There is a right and wrong way to ask for your money!
  11. Sample Classified Ads - Use these in your local newspapers to pull in new business.
  12. Credit Request Letters - Request credit from suppliers fast and easy with these already written letters.
  13. Estimate Worksheets - Use these to stay within your budget for your many jobs.
  14. Flyers - You can customize these and hand them out everywhere to get business!

Plus, if you order in the next 24-hours, I'll give you close to 200 FREE graphics that you can use in your advertising!  Here's a small sample of the graphics you'll receive for your flyers and advertising...

Lawn Mowing Business Image Trimmers Starting a lawn care business

To prove to you I want you to succeed, I will include my personal e-mail address for anyone who orders within the next 24 hours. I know you'll have questions, so please ask. That means you'll have access to my expertise long after starting a lawn care business and buying the book.

This is your ultimate source for everything you need to know to start and run a successful lawn care business. This guide will teach you how to bid, give you marketing ideas, and let you in on many other professional techniques that WORK!

There is so much money to be made in the lawn care business! Most of my friends in this industry have plenty of work to keep things going, but they're flexible, too.YOU choose what you want to do, when you want to do it.

There has never been a better time to enter into the lawn care business. The money is there! Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by.

Why this is the perfect business...

Our manual will teach you every detail you need to know to start your own lawn care business by this weekend, or give you new ideas and procedures to compliment your existing lawn care business.

This information, if you use it wisely, WILL work for you as it has for countless others!

10 Reasons to Order This Manual and Start Your Own Highly Profitable Lawn Care & Maintenance Business Today: 

  1. Guaranteed work! No matter what the economy is like you will still have your work.
  2. Easy To Do! Anyone from 12 to 65 can do this. You’ll learn the “tricks of the trade”.
  3. Work when you want. Build your business and work your business according to what you want and are happy with.
  4. Never have a boss. You will work for YOU now! The freedom is excellent.
  5. Great money! $35 to $80 an hour can give you a comfortable life. These are actual figures, and you can make even more.
  6. Unlimited growth potential. Build your company to as big as you can handle. Make your goal to work part time or have 3 crews working for you. It’s all up to you.
  7. Never boring. Unlike most jobs that are repetitive and dull, lawn care allows you new jobs, new people to meet, and new things to see.   Business is happiness!
  8. The risk of being fired or laid off is gone. You will never have to look through the “help wanted” ads again.
  9. Prestige. You will own your own business. No longer are you an employee with a boss looking over your shoulder.
  10. By reading this far you must be interestedThis may be the kick-start   you need to take the first step. Stop thinking about starting a lawn care business, and start doing it!!

It doesn’t matter if it’s Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall. You can make great money in any season doing many services to meet the conditions.

Consider this:

What’s the cost?

I'm going to reveal to you my most practical, useful information and experience; information and experience that has cost me a lot of time and money to come up with.

This package, with all the time and effort invested, is worth many more times the amount I’m asking. I have always tried to be fair, and more importantly, I want you to succeed. I know that you wouldn't be reading this if you had money coming out your ears.So, to help YOU to start a lawn care business and succeed without spending a bundle, I'm making this deal MORE than fair.

My price is $37.  Yep, $37 including your FREE graphics and my personal e-mail address if you order within the next 24 hours!

The question...is it worth $37? YES!

"Most Profitable $37 I've Spent!"

Grass to Cash has helped me get over the hump.I am now a business owner.

Thanks Again,

Doug Rodely


You can easily spend 5 or 10 times that much in other businesses without even getting started. Not to mention a franchise which can cost tens of thousands of dollars upfront.

This manual will pay for itself with your very first customer!

To make it even sweeter I'll include another bonus..

As a special free bonus for acting immediately Iíll also give you a copy of a "597 Business Letters Library" This is a $39.95 value.

597 Ready To Use Business Letters Library at your fingertips, just about every kind of letter or form you might need for your business . . . ready for your instant use!

With the 597 Business Letters Library you will never be at a loss for words. This easy to use collection provides you with almost any type of business letter you can imagine. Just select a document and change the name and address to suit your needs.

Not only will you save valuable time with these ready to use examples, you'll save money, too! Whether you need a lease or a response to a credit check request, you'll find it within the 597 Business Letters Library.

This powerful tool is a must have for every small business. Just type in a key word for the document you need and hit the Search button. What could be easier?

With this one easy-to-use tool you can save time, save money, and project a professional image.

Here are a few of the ready-to-use letters/forms in the 597 Business Letters Library:

41 Different Sales Letters (tailored for different products/businesses)
30 Different Thank You Letters (tailored for different products/businesses/customers)
100+ Common Business Forms
40+ Announcement Letters (new business, new location, new employees, etc.)
Video, Photo and Audio Recording Release Forms
Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
Non Compete Agreement
Power of Attorney
Assignment of Copyright or Trademark
Bill of Sale, with warranty of title
Confidentiality Agreement
Request for Advertising Rates
Correction to Credit Report
Employment Invention Agreement
Employment non-Compete Agreement
Fictitious Name Certificate
Lapsed Subscription Renewal Offer
Media Survey Form
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
Overdue Payment Reminder
Security Agreement
Welcome New Customer
And hundreds more.

You'll always want to have the 597 Business Letters Library close at hand.

Having the 597 Business Letters Library is like having an experienced adviser at your side, telling you exactly what to say to produce the response you desire. It could save you hundreds in consulting, research, or legal fees the first time you use it.

The 597 Business Letters Library works with any version of Windows. No extra software needed, easy 'one-click' to use!

To prove to you again how fair I am, I’ll offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

I only want to deal with people who are serious about their business. The more successful you become in your newly started lawn care business, the more successful I become.

I want you to experience everything I have by owning your own business. There is soooooooo much more than a 9 to 5 job and a boss to answer to.

Take a chance, run with this business, and 
get what you want out of life! 

I know that once you get started, you’ll realize how smart you were for not passing this up. I’m thankful every day that I started this business, and that was 18 years ago.

I look forward to working with you!

Don't Wait!

Download Your Copy Today!

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m.!

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Upon purchase, you will be able to download instantly. This manual is in pdf format and will require Adobe Reader to view.  You can download Adobe Reader free.

If you would like to pay the old-fashioned way, please send a check or money order to the address below made payable to K. Whiteside.  As soon as I receive your payment, 
I will e-mail you the manual. 

Best of Success,

Kevin Whiteside
Kevin Whiteside

P.S. Don’t forget, if you order within the next 24 hours, I will include a collection of close to 200 graphics you can use for fliers or any other form of advertising. A $99 value... FREE!

P.P.S  Remember, I will include my personal e-mail address if you order within the next 24 hours so ask, ask away. An UNLIMITED value!

P.P.P.S  If you don't order within the next 24 hours, I can still do consulting at $85 an hour. 

Kevin Whiteside
704 Brooksmill Circle
Hermitage TN 37076

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